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Condomerie Foundation

Establishment of Stichting Condomerie Foundation

Stichting Condomerie Foundation was est­­­­­­ablished on the initiative of the Condomerie on 22 May 2009 in Amsterdam, certified by notary Martijn Albers, as an independent foundation operating worldwide from its principal office in Amsterdam.

The founders Van der Maas, Schouten, Ten Berge, Lenting and Van Boven set down the following with regard to the name, objectives and resources:

Article 1.

The name of the foundation is: Stichting Condomerie Foundation.
Its principal office is in the municipality of Amsterdam.
Stichting Condomerie Foundation bank account number: 5192189.
The foundation’s Chamber of Commerce number: 34340332.

Objectives and resources

Article 2.

The objectives of the foundation are

a. to contribute to the response to sexually transmitted infections (hereafter called: “STIs”), including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hereafter called: “HIV”), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (hereafter called: “AIDS”) and hepatitis, at both a national and international level, with activities such as promoting safe sex and helping others to promote and provide information about safe sex;

b. to develop and/or support initiatives with the objective of promoting good sexual health for all;

c. to encourage and initiate research and development in the field of condoms, female condoms and lubricants, as well as products which help distribute these items, such as condom dispensers. In doing this, the Circular Economy principle is adhered to as much as possible;

d. to develop and/or support initiatives that contribute to the protection of reproductive rights worldwide, particularly when they concern young adults and women;

e. to develop and/or support initiatives that aim to provide Safe Sex education for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders as well as promoting their emancipation and integration;

f. to teach or provide information about Life Skills and Safe Sex for different levels of education;

g. to encourage, support and initiate research, campaigns and other activities considered to be in line with the objectives of the foundation in any way, which could also be in the world of art, sport, design, comedy, theatre, film, music or web design, and anything which is linked to or promotes these activities.

The foundation aims to achieve these objectives by:

a. providing information and education on Safe Sex and HIV/AIDS prevention;

b. commercial and fundraising activities in the broadest sense.
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