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Looking for the right condom

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From the beginning, the Condomerie has been confronted with a number of re-occurring questions and complaints about condoms and their use. Most questions and complaints concern size, thickness of material, smell and allergic reactions after use. This can sometimes lead to unpleasant experiences with condoms or a refusal to use them.

A condom is considered a good fit if the circumference of the condom is in tune with that of the penis. A condom which is too large can easily slip off, while one which is too tight is uncomfortable and risk of tearing is greater. The length of the condom is less important, but should be as close to the length of the penis as possible. The thickness of the material can play a role in the condom’s comfort. A well-fitted condom insures reliability, is more comfortable to use and offers good protection against STD and pregnancy.

In order to determine their condom sizing manufacturers start from an average measurement. Manufacturers do not, however, start with the same standard for measuring the average condom. It is therefore possible that a so called ‘large‘ condom from one manufacturer is the same as a ‘regular‘ from another. To put an end to the ambiguity the Condomerie lists the condoms by size in the CAS-index. If you have questions about smell and allergic reactions, please contact the Condomerie.

Condom circumference

Most questions about the size of condoms are not about their length but rather their circumference. To test how real the need to have diferent-sized condoms actually was, the Condomerie commissioned Dr. Erick Janssen of the University of Amsterdamin 1994 to carry out research into the circumference of erect penises. “Penile Circumference Variability in a Dutch sample” Faculty of Psychology University of Amsterdam 1994, by order of CONDOMERIE®.

A summary of this report was published in 1995 by Condomerie and freelance journalist Ady Bijlsma in the Dutch STI-Bulletin [ SOA Bulletin, jaagang nr. 6, jaargang 16 nr.1, pagina 26 & 27 ]

The results showed that there was indeed a wide variation in penile circumferences. This led the Condomerie to set up its system of compiling an inventory of condoms according to size. The Condomerie asked the technical research institute TNO to measure the length, circumference and thickness of condoms. The Condomerie carried out its own tests and also took the size indications given by the various condom manufacturers into account. By combining this
information the Condomerie was able to place condoms into a number of categories, according to their circumference, length and thickness.


Guidelines for finding the best fit

  • Circumference is the most important element when looking for the best fitting condom. Most condoms fall in category CAS 4. The circumference of condoms in this category can be used as an average size. To facilitate choosing from the many different brands, the Condomerie has put together a special sampler packages.
  • If you are already a condom user and are looking for a better fitting condom, you can try the following: Look for the condom you use now in the appropriate CAS category. In the table you’ll find the measurements as they apply to the CAS categories. With the help of this table, you can determine the most suitable CAS categories for you. Next choose a condom that best suits your needs from the CAS-index™.

  • If the condom that you now use is not in the CAS-index™, or if you are not yet a condom user, contact the Condomerie. You can also employ the following method:
    • Measure the circumference of the erect penis. The circumference must be measured close to the base of the penis. Next, choose the appropriate category from the CAS-index. The circumference of the condom should be smaller than the circumference of the penis.
    • The length of the condom should be as close as possible to that of the penis, but is less important than the circumference. Measure the length of the erect penis and determine which CAS category is most suitable. When you have determined the best CAS category, look in the CAS-index™ for the best condom. Once again, we draw your attention to our special sampler packages, which contains condoms from various CAS categories. If you still have questions about de CAS-index, please contact the Condomerie.
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