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Protex Original 0.02

Protex Original 0.02

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

Productnaam Prijs Hoeveelheid
Protex Original 0.02-1x6’s (pakje)
€ 12,85
Protex Original 0.02-8x6’s (unit)
€ 94,60
Protex Original 0.02-12x6’s (unit)
€ 131,62
Protex Original 0.02-24x6’s (unit)
€ 259,14

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

Snel Overzicht

PROTEX ORIGINAL 0.02 De Protex Original is een 0,02 mm superdun polyurethaan condoom met glijmiddel. De Protex Original 0.02 is momenteel het dunste condoom ter wereld. De Protex Original is volledig Latex-vrij. We raden daarom dit non-latex polyurethaan condoom aan voor mensen die last hebben van latex-eiwit allergie, zie verder onze allergiewijzer op de homepage.
Let op! Polyurethaan is niet erg rekbaar. Dit condoom heeft de pasvorm van een standaard maat (ondanks dat het 58 mm breed is).

Aanvullende Informatie

CAS Maat CAS: 6/6/•/F
Merk Protex
Vorm Nee
Reservoir Met zaadreservoir
Aanbevolen contact* vaginaal contact
Structuur Geen
Glijmiddel neutraal glijmiddel
Glijmiddel op basis van siliconenolie
Kleur transparant
Smaak Geen
Geur geen
Materiaal Polyurethaan
Latexvrij Ja
Fairtrade Nee
Veganistisch Nee
* In principe is ieder getest condoom geschikt voor vaginaal, oraal en anaal contact, mits de pasvorm goed is en er voldoende glijmiddel gebruikt wordt. Meer informatie.


Protex Original 0.02 mm latexvrij condoom

Ultra dun non-latex condoom.

Slechts 25 microns dik.

Met siliconen glijmiddel.

Gemiddelde lengte : 190 mm

Breedte : 58 mm

Dikte : 0,02 mm

Sagami Polyurethane Condooms, uitgelegd door de fabrikant.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is an elastomer polymer, which is flexible, tough and resistant. This material is widely used in consumer products such as sports wear or fit-gather of paper diapers etc. Also this material is widely used in medical fields such as artificial hearts or vessel catheters due to its high biocompatibility and reliability.

Sagamis Polyurethane Condom is called Protex Original 0.02 in France, Belgium and Holland.

Sagami focused on the advantages of polyurethane, and as a benefit of many years of research, Sagami has finally achieved the ultimate condom made from polyurethane in 1998. Since then this product has received highly favorable reputation from many users. Sagamis polyurethane condom has many special characteristics that will attract you. Well introduce you the 10 superb characteristics of Sagamis polyurethane condom.

The 10 characteristics of Protex Original 0.02 , Sagami's Polyurethane Condom:

1 Thinness: The strength of polyurethane enables this product to be much thinner than normal latex condoms. This is one of the thinnest condoms in the world and its half the thickness of normal latex condoms. (*1) *1 Comparison with Latex condoms generally

2 Toughness: Approx 3 times higher bursting pressure and 2 times higher tensile strength in comparing with normal latex condoms. (*1)

3 Heat conductivity: With its superior heat conductivity, heat is transmitted to your partner as if almost no condom was being used.

4 Odourless: It contains no protein, so there is no rubber latex smell.

5 Smoothness: Alignment of urethane molecules in high density makes a smoother surface and natural feeling.

6 Transparency: High transparency creates visually natural feeling.

7 Oil resistance Much more resistant against oil than normal latex condoms. 8 Long life Long-term stability during the product's lifetime. 9 Latex allergy free Contains no rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. 10 Biocompatibility Biocompatible and non-toxic, safe to use.

Quality Assurance

Every Sagami polyurethane condom is produced at ISO 9001/EN46001/ISO13485/MDD certified factory in Malaysia.

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Protex Original in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called ZENITH in Sweden / Norway / Finland

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Sico Thermaxx in Mexico<

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Ceylor Original in Switzerland

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Sagami Original in Japan

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Protex Original in United Kingdom

The Sagami polyurethane non-latex condom is called Sagami Original in Korea

The U-Mark

Every polyurethane condom manufactured by Sagami carries the U-Mark. The U Mark logo is the Mark of quality, ensuring the reliability and security for all polyurethane condoms manufactured by and carrying the Sagami name. As a result of thorough review of material and research over 30 years, Sagami has achieved a condom made from special polyurethane, Sagami Original. Soon after its released Sagami Original became one of the top brands in Japan from its natural feeling which is totally different from other condoms. Sagamis polyurethane condom has already spread to France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico and USA.

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