CLubGun: free condoms and lubricants in Gay bars

CLub Gun is a distribution project run by Condomerie and funded by Aids Fonds / Soa Aids Nederland and GGD Amsterdam. Owners of gay bars and clubs that have good and regular contact with the GGD can purchase condoms and lubricants at a very low price. Provided they offer them free of charge to their customers.

The owners and managers of the participating clubs play an important role in this distribution project. They pay – at a reduced rate- for the products, they pay the distribution costs and keep an eye on when new orders need to be made.

Condoms and lubricants

The clubs offer condoms and sachets of lubricant. Without lubricant the chance of the condom tearing during anal sex is greater. Most condoms already have a bit of lubricant, but that's rarely enough for anal sex. Hence, it is important to provide lubricant as well.

Education and Information

CLub Gun locations not only provide free Condoms and Lube; they offer information regarding correct condom use, STI and HIV prevention as well. If the opportunity to have sex is offered, these spaces are adequately illuminated and cleaned according to hygiene guidelines. There is also an opportunity to wash your hands before and after sex. The location owner encourages his guests to have safer sex. In this way he helps reduce the risk of transmission of HIV and soa.

Duration & budget

At the end of 2014, condoms were provided at 30 venues. Almost 500,000 condoms are offered annually. The implementation is in the hands of the Condomerie in cooperation with Soa Aids Netherlands and regional GGDs.

Start date: 1-11-2009

End Date: 31-12-2020

Total Project Costs: € 700.000,00

Contribution Aids Fonds: € 450.000,00

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