Condomology: everything you always wanted to know about condoms, lubricants and safer sex.

We focus specifically on tested condoms and help customers find the most suitable ones for them. We also sell fun and fantasy condoms. Sometimes the safe-sex message can be brought across better with a smile.

As well as a shop in Amsterdam, we operate a wholesale and mail order business and we have a huge range of condoms and lubricants on offer. Our team has also invested a great deal of time and money in research, resulting in an in-depth knowledge of the product. Today the Condomerie has become a concept, where people can come for personal advice and get answers to all their questions about condoms and lubricant.



 About Condomerie

Let us tell you about our philosophy and about our store in Amsterdam.


  Find the perfect condom

We can help you find the perfect condom. Read about our measurement system and our allergy guide.


  How to use a condom

Not sure how to use a condom? Interested in the instructions for a female condom or oral dam? We have collected all the instructions.


  Sexual Health

Sexual health is about prevention of STI. But do not forget familyplanning!

Did you know that we can offer lubricants that are especially designed for couples that want to conceive?



  Product Information


Background and History of Condoms


  Eco Production of Condoms

Since 2011 Condomerie is 100% Carbon Neutral. We embrace the principles of a circular economy.