Promotional condoms - Gifts


A Condom Folder with your own logo!


We supply condom folders with your own design, text or company logo.

Printing on the foil is also possible.

A striking way to promote your company or (advertising) message.


Full-color printed resealable folders with a condom (standard or flavored, CE and ISO approved).

FSC certified cardboard, printed with environmentally friendly ink without mineral oils.

Standard condom: transparent, with reservoir and lubricant, 53 mm.

Condom flavour: with reservoir and lubricant, 52 mm, choice of: banana, mango, strawberry, mint or chocolate.



Number of pouches
100 x
500 x
1000 x
5000 x
€ 295,10 (2,95
€ 353,70,- (0,70
€ 409,30,- (0,41
€ 1600,10 (0,32
€ 305,36 (3,05
€ 373,25 (0,75
€ 442,15 (0,44
€ 1745,- (0,35


- Incl. condom, VAT and packaging costs.

- Excluding €55.00 start-up costs and shipping costs within the Netherlands (pick-up in Amsterdam is also possible).

- Incl. digital proof.

- Prices in euros. Other quantities in consultation.


-Size is 64x64mm

-Printed with environmentally friendly 'green' ink

-Packaging is resealable


-Exterior: high quality full color

-Inside: legally required instructions for use for condoms

- Front: entirely to be designed by customer (64 x 64 mm)

- Back: space largely reserved for legal information. But it can be designed in the customer's style.

Delivery time:

-Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks after receipt of payment and approval of the proof.



For more information, please contact our team. This can be done by email: or call: +31206274174

A full color printed folder basically contains a standard condom or a flavored condom. But much more is possible. Such as a folder with a condom and a sachet of lubricant. Or a folder with a female condom.

We are happy to tell you what the possibilities are and how you can deliver your design.