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Personal lubricants.

A personal lubricant can be used to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sexual intercourse or other activities. Lubricant may be applied to any body part desired, to the condom, or to the hands or fingers.

Personal lubricants are particulary useful for intercourse when a partner experiences dryness. Anal sex generally requires more generous application of lubricant since the anus does not have natural lubrication sufficient for most sexual activity.

Lubricants come in many variations, so you can experiment with different flavours and sensations. Just make sure your lubricant is waterbased or silicone based. Oil based lubricants can weaken condoms (so do certain vaginal medications).

Condomerie: we help you choose the best.

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  1. KY 82g

    Starting at €6.95

  2. Durex Sensilube 40ml

    Starting at €9.20

  3. Wet Stuff Vit E 100gr

    Starting at €5.95

  4. Pjur Original 100 ml

    Starting at €11.80

  5. Durex Naturel 100ml

    Starting at €9.95

  6. EROS Woman Bodyglide 100 ml

    Starting at €10.50

  7. Durex Play Tingle 50 ml

    Starting at €7.50

  8. Eros Bodyglide 100 ml

    Starting at €10.50

  9. Eros Bodyglide 2 ml

    Starting at €0.50

  10. Eros Bodyglide 30 ml

    Starting at €5.30

  11. Eros Bodyglide 250 ml

    Starting at €25.60

  12. Eros Bodyglide 500 ml

    Starting at €50.75

  13. Eros Bodyglide 1000 ml

    Starting at €88.30

  14. Contragel Green 60ml

    Starting at €11.95

  15. Prefert

    Starting at €24.95

  16. Original BIOglide 150ml

    Starting at €12.95

  17. Eros 101 ProLong 30ml

    Starting at €11.95

  18. Durex Orgasm'Intense 10ml

    Starting at €12.95

  19. Premeno duo

    Starting at €13.95

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-24 of 57

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