Advised usage

All the tested condoms we sell, can be used for vaginal, oral and anal contact**. When using a condom, a good fit and enough lubrication is always important. Especially with anal contact extra lubricant is an absolute must! Look at our measuring system and lubricants for more information.


For oral contact you can choose to use a flavoured or a non-lubricated condom. Always use one condom for one sexual act. So DO NOT perform oral sex first, and then have sexual intercourse with the same condom. Change condoms!


Little experience? If you wish, you can use an extra strong condom for anal contact. It is not necessary, but it can make you feel more secure. Remember: a good fit and extra lubricant are the most important. A standard condom can be used for anal contact. We do not advise to use an ultra thin condom though...

** Femidom is only recommended for vaginal contact. In everyday practice Femidoms sometimes are being used for anal contact. If you want to know more about this, we refer you to gmhp. Lambskin condoms only protect you against pregnancy, and are therefore only suitable for vaginal contact.