How to use a male condom

Usage instructions condom (with special trick).

In the movie underneath you can see how to use a regular condom. Pay attention to the so called 'twist-trick". This makes the rolling off easier, which makes the use of condoms less interfering while having sex. A condom that fits is more comfortable and is safer, therefore make sure you use a condom with the right size.

When the penis is uncircumcised, please remember to pull back the foreskin lightly.

In the movie we mention that you should not use the same condom for too long. This is to prevent the skin and the condom from drying out. Too much friction can cause the condom to break.


Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 1 Check the expiry date.
Tear open the airtight wrapping in the middle or at the notch.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 2 Be careful that the condom is not damaged by fingernails or other sharp objects.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 3 Do not unroll the condom, and do not inflate it: this will make it unreliable.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 4 Avoid all contact between penis and vagina, anus or mouth before the condom is put on.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 5 Put on the condom when the penis is fully erect.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 6 Sqeeze the tip of the condom between thumb and forfinger to expel the air so there is space to catch the sperm.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 7 Place the rolled-up condom on the glans, having drawn back the foreskin.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 8 Use the other hand to roll the condom carefully down over the whole lenght of the penis.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 9 If necessary, use extra lubricant (water or silicone-based only!).
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 10 Withdraw after ejaculation, while the penis is still stiff, holding down the edge of the condom.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 11 Use each condom once only.
Gebruiksaanwijzing stap 12 Tie up the condom after use and dispose of it correctly (not into the toilet or bidet).
  See to it that there are condoms within reach. 
If you are not used to handle condoms:
Practice makes perfect!