Trichomonas (also called trichomoniasis) is not a serious condition. This STI is more likely to cause symptoms in women than in men, and these may be an inflammation of the vagina, urethra or bladder. An infection may remain unnoticed for a long time because it gives no symptoms at all.


In women:

  • Inflammation of the vagina
  • Excessive milky discharge
  • Frothy discharge with an unpleasant smell
  • Red, swollen and painful vulva
  • Symptoms may increase during your period

In men:

  • Slight discharge in the morning
  • Irritation in the head or tip of the penis
  • Burning feeling when passing urine

A trichomonas infection is easy to treat. Your partner should be tested and treated if necessary.

Safe Sex

Use a condom for vaginal sex to prevent infection. It is better not to have sex during treatment (to prevent reinfection). If you do want to have sex, use a condom!