Your Condomerie condom size: CAS 4/J

Unfortunately we can not offer you a perfect fit. But- based on your penis length and circumference- we show you a condom that might come close.

The most important thing when looking for the best fit is the condom's circumference. A condom that is too large can easily slip off, but a condom that is too tight is uncomfortable and the risk of tearing is greater. The length of the condom isn't as important, but should be as close to the length of the penis as possible.

For a snug and comfy fit, your condom should have a slightly smaller circumference than your penis.

One brand may call a condom of a certain size 'medium', and another brand may call a condom with exactly the same measurements 'large'. To put an end to this confusion, the Condomerie has classified its entire assortment of tested condoms by size in a measurement system: the CAS index (Condomerie Amsterdam Standard index).

Read all about: Condomerie Amsterdam Standard (CAS)

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