Do's & Don'ts

Condoms are never offer 100% safe, but if used properly they're very reliable and give good protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Here are some extra tips for safe condom use. Also see: condom usage instructions.


    • Find the condom that fits best. A condom that is too large, can easily slip off, but a condom that's too tight is uncomfortable and the risk of tearing is greater. How well a condom fits depends on its circumference. Length is less important.
    • Store condoms in a cool, dry place (but a refrigerator is too cold!). Condom vending machines outdoors shouldn't stand where the sun can heat them up.
    • Always check the expiry date on the foil, and read the instructions.
    • If a condom looks damaged, feels sticky, or you're at all unsure about it, throw it away and use another one.
    • Before you unroll a condom, always squeeze the tip between thumb and forefinger so that no air can get trapped and there is enough space to catch the semen. BE CAREFUL with sharp or torn fingernails. Also see Condomerie's twist instruction film.
    • If necessary, use extra lubricant. Because if a condom gets too dry, it may tear.
    • Always use a water- or silicone-based lubricant! Oil will damage the condom. So avoid any contact with suncare products, vaseline, massage oil, baby oil, etc.
      Check the instructions when using vaginal medicines and sprays. They can damage the condom.
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    • Never expose your condoms to direct light (i.e. sunlight, or a lamp). Light and heat can have a bad effect on latex.
    • Don't keep your condoms together with sharp objects (keys, nailscissors, etc.).
    • Don't open the foil with scissors or anything sharp. That could damage the condom.
    • Don't unroll the condom before use (or try filling it with or air). It will no longer be reliable.
    • Use a new condom for each type of sex. So don't use the same condom for oral sex first and then intercourse. Change condoms in between!
    • Don't have intercourse with one condom for too long. After a while the condom weakens and can become too dry. Extra lubricant helps to protect tearing.
    • Watch out with piercings. Ask the Condomerie for advice about a suitable condom.
    • The stubble that forms after skin has been shaved can damage a condom.