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What condom size do I need?

7 ways to find your perfect condom


Condoms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The size, especially the circumference, is such an important factor that Condomerie developed its own measuring system. Condomerie Amsterdam Standard (CAS for short). Every condom we sell has been measured and put into this index. This way you can objectively find out which size a certain condom is. Besides the Condomerie full range of condom sizes, more manufacturers start to develop their own size ranges. The links below provide access to pages that help you measure the penis and find the best fit within that range. Condoms that fit well are more comfortable, break much less and don't slip off easily. The joy in making love is greater! A good idea for everyone who uses condoms on a regular basis.

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No need to measure
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Other size systems
MySize & MyONE.