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Condoms in large packs.

Buy your condoms in larger quantities and save money!

We often see a surprised look at the faces of our costumers who point at the top shelf of our condom filled cabinet. “Thousand condoms???” That’s a lot all right, but we do not just display them to show off. Who, then, buys so many condoms at once?

Condoms in bulk packs can save you a lot of money on a cost-per-condom basis. You can save some money if you buy a large amount and share them with others (maybe your friends or roommates).

Besides that, large amounts are convenient for people who use condoms for their profession. Think of sex workers, but also people who work in the field of sexual education and use condoms to roll onto a demonstration model. Sometimes artists who need a lot of condoms for an art project or people who need them for a scientific experiment visit our shop.

But most importantly of course, condoms are meant for protection against STIs and AIDS or pregnancy. The condoms in the bulk packages are perfectly fine to use for that. They are as safe as more expensive condoms. Mostly, the expiration date allows plenty of time to use them up or give them away. If you buy a bulk of 144 condoms today they will expire in about four years. That’s more than 1440 days... Just do the math...

Condoms that are available in bulk packages can be found here: condoms in value packs.