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Why use a female condom?

Female Condom comfortable?

We get many questions about female condoms and what makes them a good alternative to “regular” male condoms. The female condom offers a possibility for women to protect themselves rather than depend on the guy wearing a condom or not. It can also be a solution for couples who are not able to find a condom in the man’s size. But there is also another quite important reason to consider trying a female condom. Some people - especially those who are used to having sex without a condom - find the female condom more comfortable than male condoms.

If you are used to having sex without a condom (for instance when having been in a steady sexual relationship in which you where using alternative contraception and able to rule out STD’s), a female condom can, especially for the man, feel a bit more “natural” than a male condom when having intercourse. Because the condom feels less tight for him, it might lead to more sensation (be aware though that no condom should be too tight and to choose the right condom size.

More information on this website under "condooms op maat". A female condom almost always fits and is independent from the man’s size. Another comfortable fact about the female condom is that you can wear it a few hours before you start having sex. Therefore, you do not have to interfere the lovemaking. A popular female condom is FC2. It is made of Nitril, which means that it can also be used by most people with a latex allergy. This material adjusts easily to the body temperature which can contribute to a more natural sensation. Female condoms are equipped with an outer ring, which stays outside of the vagina, and an inner ring or a sponge, which is inserted inside the vagina. Both keep the condom in place, but can also contribute to extra stimulation as you will be in contact with it and make it move during sex. On our website you can read more about the female condom and how to use it (through the menu or the search option) and on our webshop you can order different types of female condoms to try them yourself.